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Come say, "Hi!" and say "Sayonara" to those stuck stories!

Your body tells a story, and it’s constantly trying to talk to you.

This is why Dr. Scherina Alli focuses on the nervous system as a whole, not just symptoms. Focusing on the body as a whole helps us find the root cause to what is interfering with your health. It’s an “inside-out” mentality. 

If you’re ready to take control of your health and want the absolute best care for your family, then give us a call to schedule an appointment. We are excited and ready to for you to achieve levels of health you never knew you could.  





Care plans are created on an individual basis. Meaning—the cost will vary depending on health history, areas of concern, & goals and whether care needs to be directed towards intensive, restorative or wellness.

For those visiting from out of town or planning a trip or those wanting the experience there are two options!

- The Immersion experience - a one day retreat where you are receiving multiple entrainments and transformative breathwork sessions.  Cost varies from $250 and up.  Please call the office to find out when the next one is and if there are spots available (these retreats sell out quickly!)

- The Experience package - a 2-3 day intensive where you are receiving advanced Network Spinal entrainments.  Consultation and nervous system assessments before and after included.  Cost is $555.

- An Intensive experience - This 1 or 2 week neurological restoration intensive program is designed for pediatric patients experiencing challenges with symptoms related to ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, ASD, seizures, Lymes, PANS and other chronic health concerns stemmed from trauma, prenatal distress, birth interventions and other brainier nervous system injuries.

- A private one on one experience - For those traveling and wanting to experience Network Spinal.  The entire room is yours!  Weekend and after hours availability upon request.  Full consultation and Nervous system assessment included.


Please complete the form below to get the process started! 

Thanks for taking the time reach out!

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+ Do you treat mamas? Work with kiddos? How about dads?

The whole family is welcomed with open arms at IWC! (There are even spaces in the office specifically for the kiddos.) We’ve worked with pregnant mamas, babies, dads, & people just looking for wellness.


+ I’m not in Orlando! Who can I see for Network Spinal?

Be sure to check out the directory! 


+ What days & times are you available?

Office Hours are: 

Monday 10am-1pm | 3pm-6pm

Tuesday (closed)

Wednesday 10am-1pm | 3pm-6pm

Thursday 3pm-7pm

Friday 10am-2pm

Saturday (closed)


+ How much does an entrainment cost?

Treatment plans are created on an individual basis. Meaning—the cost will vary depending on health history, areas of concern, & goals. 


It’s also worth noting that this isn’t your 1 visit wonder chiropractic office. (Except if you’re traveling or have The Experience Package.) We strongly believe in creating lasting connections with our members!

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Contact Info


(407) 203-5138



4625 Halder Lane Suite B
Orlando, FL 32814

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