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Experience Network Spinal 


Meet Dr. Scherina

Network spinal chiropractor focused on caring for full families and individuals seeking connection, growth and healing within

Surrounded by plants in my Orlando loft space & using a gentle touch—I wake up & ground nervous systems. Breaking patterns within the body of stored trauma, tension and stress to allow your nervous system to heal.

Checkout my Orlando based practice - Integrate Wellness Center

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Your body already has the ability to heal.   

Network Spinal works directly with your nervous system and allows the body to reconnect to the brain - with ease.  Instead of your body reverting to those fight or flight stress patterns, the nervous system is able to flow allowing you to live a life without those symptoms or patterns present.

Release your nervous system

This is not your grandma’s doctors’ office visit—or even a typical chiropractic adjustment.


It’s called an entrainment—and for good reason.

These sessions retrain your spine and entire nervous system to release a lifelong pattern of “fight or flight”—tension, protection, and trauma.  


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experience a real connection.

4625 Halder Lane, Suite B, Orlando, FL 32814

Integrate Wellness Center

Tel: 407-203-5138

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Network Spinal
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